Royal Nomad

About the designer

What happens when you mix one part renowned luxury jewelry designer with one part music producer/entrepreneur and add a dash of romance? The answer lies in the highly covetable collections produced season after season at Royal Nomad.

Part one of that equation, Khristine Remington-Golonka grew up a self-proclaimed nomad- living in both Oregon and California. As a result, she attributes her designs to her perception of the world she travels- a melding of vibrant colors, brilliant textures and unique shapes. Khristine’s repertoire in the fashion realm initially created quite a bit of buzz- with her previous jewelry collections garnering the attention of several major celebrities. Her love for the unexpected is what gives her creations such effortless appeal.

Khristine’s better half in both life and business, Taylor Golonka, is whom she attributes much of Royal Nomad’s success to. Taylor, a former DJ turned music producer and business savvy entrepreneur. He claims that part of the inspiration behind the line is the passion for travel that he shares with his wife. The California based power duo established the company in 2013 and it has since grown into an enviable cult brand with a vast following.

With designs evoking elements of earthy, resort and luxury aesthetics- the pieces truly do tell one of a kind stories perfect for the well-traveled woman. The luxury aspect is also evident in the brands sourcing- all materials are ethically sourced from around the world.


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