Love Stories

When I decided I was going to propose to my wife, that was the easy decision.  The panic came in when I thought about how to get her the perfect ring … because that’s what all her friends ever spoke about.  Round cut, emerald cut, baguettes or no baguettes, does size matter (I think we all know the answer to that), etc.  
So you need a guide, and I was lucky enough to have Ash.  She made the journey easy as buying a pair of REALLY EXPENSIVE jeans.  Sat me down and provided a few shots of tequila – perfection.  She made the decision making process simple – not overwhelming with simple, logical choices for the stone.  And then her creativity took over when I described (like a barbarian) what I had in mind.  
The follow up to the actual ring being in my nervous, sweaty hands was awesome.  Pictures of what the ring looked like, updates on delivery, etc.  And she was available for any questions that I had along the way.  The ring turned out perfectly and my wife (and her friends) are all still in love with it.
Needless to say I go back to Ash for any and all jewelry that I buy.   Love her and her taste.  
-Phil S.


Ashleigh was an absolute pleasure to work with! Ashleigh’s ability to balance my goals and budget allowed for a seamless and worry-free process. She was extremely hands-on and provided the attention I needed to make sure I was comfortable. I think the most unique thing about Ashleigh is the time she spent to understand my fiancée’s taste and style. As a guy, it can be intimidating trying to understand what your significant other would like, but Ashleigh gave me confidence that I would get my fiancé her dream ring.

 I proposed at an indoor garden at the Frick Collection in New York City. My fiancée thought she was attending a work event, but quickly found out that she was getting engaged! As well as I pulled off the proposal, the ring actually stole my thunder (thanks Ashleigh!). My fiancée is still on cloud nine about the ring! 

 -Michael F.

Like a lot of guys, high end jewelry is an area that both intimidates and confuses me…so when I decided to "upgrade" my beautiful wife's engagement ring for our ten-year anniversary, I knew I needed some help.  From beginning to end, Ashleigh was incredible.  She walked me through the entire process from selecting the perfect stone (we looked at a lot), designing the setting, and ironing out the finer details (to which I could offer no helpful opinion).  Her patience and affability is only surpassed by her deep knowledge of all things that sparkle.  It was so great to work with someone who was just as passionate about creating the perfect ring as I was.   As to my wife's reaction…let's just say there were tears (happy ones).  Thanks Ashleigh!

 -Jonathan I.

Ashleigh is the absolute best at what she does. My husband picked Ashleigh to help him through the overwhelming process of designing an engagement ring, and he couldn’t have made a better choice (besides picking ME of course). Together, they created the perfect mix of timeless and modern and I look at my engagement ring daily, almost 3 years after getting engaged, and still can’t believe it’s mine, I just LOVE it! Ashleigh is a joy to work with, has such a great eye and incredible style, and I love going to her to all my jewelry wants & needs! 

-Perri S.

I’ve been going to Ashleigh for years and working with her makes the buying process easy and fun!! Her designs and styles are stunning and sexy at the same time. Anytime I give my wife a Milestones box she’s overcome with excitement!! I highly recommend Ashleigh for any of your jewelry needs.

-Eric S.

Ashleigh is my go-to for all of my jewels! She provides the background information, the attention to detail and the support I need with each piece that I purchase. She is one-of-a-kind, much like many of her gems (cliche but true). Her style is unmatched, her taste is impeccable, and she really knows my own personal style after working together for so many years.   

-Alex S.

Milestones by AB is my go to stop shop for all my jewelry desires! Ashleigh is able to work with you, listen to your needs and then curate options for you to see from a variety of designers. She provides excellent customer care, is professional and keeps you in the loop during the entire process. I love all my pieces that Ashleigh has helped select for me over the years. Thanks Ashleigh!

-Sarah B.

My wife Say and I have been married a short 4 months, still in the NewlyWed mode.. And we couldn’t be happier... 
I was planning the proposal and had only a few little bits of stealthy info on the kind of ring that Say liked...beautiful, glamorous... ok Great!  Not a lot to go on.  I showed Ashleigh a few ring designs online that I knew Say liked...but it was all a surprise so the ring had to be perfect.  I remember going to meet Ash in her downtown LA studio.  We looked at several different diamonds.  I’m no expert when it comes to picking diamonds, but Ashleigh lead me through all the important criteria.  I picked out a larger diamond that was more expensive, but Ash actually convinced me to go with a slightly smaller diamond, because of the way it appeared to the naked eye.  It was the best decision.  She not only saved me some money, but also found the most amazing cut and quality.  It was both beautiful and glamorous.  After taking a few of the photos I sent her, Ashleigh designed a really cool fusion of two different ring styles with an extra dash of personality that we wouldn’t have been able to find anywhere.

But It didn’t end there.   helped me plan the whole surprise proposal.  It was a flower filled room that we designed complete with candles.  Are you kidding?  This is some serious customer service!

Say loves the ring of course...It has the perfect amount of glamour, beauty and “BLING.”  Ashleigh even incorporated Say’s birthstone into the design.  No matter where we are in the world, from our honeymoon in Bali, to our trip to London and Rome, people always ask us where we got the ring.   THANK YOU ASHLEIGH!  For creating a one-of-a-kind ring and for helping me with a unique proposal...   

-Adam B.

I worked with Ashleigh & my sister's fiancé to create an engagement ring. Planning to buy an engagement ring is challenging enough, but we added a few obstacles with a short time frame and a strict budget. Ashleigh truly listened to what we were prioritizing, and created a beautiful custom piece and a FLAWLESS experience. I highly recommend working with her.

-Simone S.

Ashleigh is an angel who saved my marriage before it even started! As a guy and a value shopper I was very skeptical of all the big jewelry store brands and the DTLA jewelry district. The generic styles, high prices and commission sales people ruined the engagement shopping experience for me. Then my partner found Ashleigh who instantly made the process fun and exciting again. Ashleigh worked with my partner to design the ring of her dreams and she worked with me meet the budget. She even hand selected a varied of stones and met me so I could select the perfect one and control the cost. Because of her no pressure style and ability to create anything we knew we were getting the perfect ring for us. And because of her industry experience we got the best price possible. In the end Ashleigh made us a piece of art, a family heirloom that that we both adore. I’m so grateful my fiancé found Ashleigh before we went to another jeweler. 


I don’t think I own or wear a single piece of jewelry that wasn’t chosen or designed by Ashleigh. I’m talking from everyday studs to my wedding band. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this beauty inside and out and working with her is an absolute pleasure. I even have her keep a wish list for my husband to shop for birthdays, anniversary, etc. and he loves that it’s so easy and I get what I love! I would recommend Ashleigh’s services to everyone and anyone. She’s a real gem. 

-Nicole C.

Ashleigh Bergman is absolutely the finest--her taste and instincts are always spot-on. My teen daughter discovered her online and I'm so glad she did. It all started with those unbeatable diamond huggies. Now all the females in my family wear them on the daily--and I'm the only one who only has one piercing in each ear. Ashleigh's attention to detail, responsiveness, warmth and smarts have made her the only person any of us will ever buy jewelry from again.

-Rebecca B.

I’d been wanting a special piece of jewelry to wear all the time. I don’t even sleep in my wedding band, something I would not take off for a workout or to sleep in, but something that was also comfortable. Ashleigh showed me the most beautiful diamond bangle that felt just right! I told her if ever she saw my husband to show him this perfect “always wear” piece.  Well, she must have seen him somewhere, because one lucky birthday I got that gorgeous bangle.  Only the rose was available on my birthday and I was thrilled! But a few weeks later, I came from back from the restroom where we were having dinner and I had two more bangles on my plate!  This would make the perfect trio of white gold, rose and yellow gold.  I said to my three daughters, “marry a man who gives you diamonds for dessert” and to my son, “take very good notes!”

-Stacy V.

Working with Ashleigh was so much fun that I suggested she start coming over once a month. 
She is not only a delight but her jewelry is addictive. She made shopping so easy & she has a great eye. I needed a ring for a wedding & she brought me trays full. What could be better?? She knew what looked well on me & didn’t hesitate to say if something didn’t. Can’t wait for her to stop in next time.
-Jan V.

Ashleigh truly is the “jewelry fairy godmother”! She has found me stunning, one-of-a-kind rings, earrings, and necklaces. She’s my go-to when I need jewelry for myself or I need to buy a gift.  

Hayden E.

Ashleigh has helped me several times to buy gifts for my wife and she is amazing.  When you work with Ashleigh, you never have that feeling like you are just choosing something randomly from the entire huge world of jewelry. She is able to hone in on what your taste is, then give you incredibly stylish and yet always unique options.  So when you give that gift, you actually look like you know something about jewelry!  But of course — I always give her the credit… 

-Scott C.