Finding their ring size

So you’ve decided to buy someone special a ring!  That is so exciting!!! But wait…don’t know their ring size!?  

Here are a few tips for finding their proper size.

TIP #1: Getting Creative

Find a ring he/she wears on their ring finger.  If you can get away with having it for a while before they realize it is gone, take it straight to me or your local jeweler and have it sized.   If you only have a few minutes with the ring before they find out (say if they are in the shower), trace the inside and outside of the ring on a piece of paper.  I suggest doing it a few times to ensure accuracy. A local jeweler or I can use the drawing to determine their ring size. You can also slide it on your finger and use a pen to draw a line on the top and bottom of the ring where it stops on your finger.  From there run to your local jewelry store to determine the size. You can also press the ring into a bar of soap to make an impression of the ring for a jeweler to determine the size.

Play a little trick

Tell him/her that you read that if you take your shoe size and divide by two and then add two, you get your ring size.  Have them walk through the calculations to see if it is correct for them and hopefully they will tell you their actual ring size.  This equation doesn’t actually work, but you’ll get him/her talking without directing hinting that you may be buying them a ring.

Enlist a Friend

Ask one of their friends to tell your partner they want to go ring shopping for themselves.  Then while at the store when they get their own finger sized, they can ask your partner “what size are you”, prompting your partner to get properly sized.  Only trust a family member or friend who you are certain can remain tight-lipped! You can also ask a friend who just got engage to let your partner try on their ring and have the friend ask their ring size.

Get Them Talking

It is very common these days to discuss getting engaged before actually committing.  If this is something that naturally comes up, you might just want to ask them. You can still keep the details of the ring and the proposal a secret.