Claudia Mae

About the designer

Claudia Mae Fine Jewelry was born out of Claudia's innate love and appreciation for color, contrast, and contour. From cake decoration to makeup artistry, Claudia has always been a creator with an eye for pattern and distinction.

After graduating from New York University, Claudia went to work in the fragrance industry. Feeling trapped and uninspired by corporate office culture, she spent her lunch hours window shopping Madison Avenue. Claudia made daily rounds to admire new pieces on display at top jewelry houses like Buccellati, Harry Winston and Pomellato, daydreaming not about what it would be like to wear these works of art, but to create them.       

Determined to satisfy the creative craving left unfulfilled by her day job, Claudia enrolled at a local jewelry studio with the intent of making the pieces she wanted to wear but could not seem to find in stores. Her first mission was to create the “perfect gold band” which, after all of those lunch hours spent on Madison Avenue, she was sure did not exist. This “perfect gold band” later became Claudia’s signature Nomad ring.

Realizing that jewelry was her true calling, Claudia studied at the Gemological Institute of America and apprenticed under esteemed jewelers while developing the Claudia Mae collection piece by piece. Today Claudia collaborates with select artisans and gem dealers to handcraft her designs in the finest materials sourced from all around the world.


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