Kimberly Doyle Jewelry

About the designer

Kimberly has always been a creative person. Inspired by her father who took on many creative hobbies, Kimberly often tinkered in different fields of craft. She enjoyed drawing, sculpting, sewing, and experimenting with electronics- she was always drawn to things of this nature.  She was also an avid collector of many things such as seashells and rocks, but among them all, her favorite was miniatures. She loved the idea of tiny little treasures that you could carry around with you. At any given time she always had a couple of tiny treasures that she carried around in her pocket. However, this unfortunately meant that many of these treasures were lost over time.  As she grew in age, so did her desire to learn more about art and other creative outlets. In college she decided to take a beginning jewelry class. Not knowing entirely what to expect, she went into the experience open minded and it was there that she found her passion, jewelry making. Infatuated with the idea of being able to bring ideas to life, and totally enthralled with the processes, Kimberly began to make treasured talismans all of her own. She began to make jewelry for her friends and it reminded her of whenever she lost one of her childhood treasures, and how she was filled with sadness that they were gone. Now, looking back on it she feels a sense of happiness knowing that her treasures weren’t “lost” they were just continuing their own journey. Kimberly now finds joy in knowing that her creations will accompany you, on your journey. Fine jewelry mementos, celebrating everything important to you.


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