The Ashleigh Bergman Collective consists of a group of esteemed jewelry designers with whom I’ve shared creative relationships with during my career in the jewelry business.  We co-designed a selection of fine jewelry inspired by pieces I desired for my personal jewelry box that incorporates their individual aesthetic, that I am now sharing with you.  Throughout my career I have been fortunate to work with artisans who are inclusive, generous with their sources and advice, supportive and collaborative, and who have looked to me for that same consideration.  I honor synergy, want to cultivate more of it, and put a spotlight on those whom I feel embody that essence.  I adore all these women, what they do, and how they do it.  

The Ashleigh Bergman Collective champions the spirit of collaboration over competition with a Collection that symbolizes and celebrates love, strength, friendship and empowerment.  I hope that by showing when we build each other up we create beauty,  and that this collection of handcrafted jewelry inspires you to collaborate and dream up ideas with others.  Share your knowledge, your gifts, your experiences, and yourself, and NEVER be afraid ask others for guidance and support!

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