You Will Forever Be My Always Mantra  Necklace
heart necklace
Eden Presley Heart Necklace
Eden Presley Mantra Necklace
Eden Presley

You Will Forever Be My Always Mantra Necklace

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This necklace sends the message loud a clear.  Available in heart shaped pua shell surrounded by diamonds or faceted morganite surrounded by pink spinel, and the phrase, "you will forever be my always" in 14k gold block letters.  The pua shell heart hangs from a beautiful dot dash style gold chain and the morganite heart hangs from a strand of natural opals. 

  • Pua shell set in 14k yellow gold, morganite set in 14k rose gold
  • Pua shell surrounded by 1.02ctw diamonds, 1.31ct morganite surrounded by 1.25ctw spinel
  • Chain necklace can be worn at 16" or 18" with adjustable clasp
  • 25.9ctw opal necklace can be worn between 15"-18" with adjustable clasp
  • By Eden Presley 
  • Please allow 2-5 weeks for delivery
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About the designer

Eden Presley was founded by Gwen Myers who is a mom and a wife with a really cool day job doing what she loves…creating, buying and making beautiful things.
She designs with a bold and daring spirit, fusing classic and traditional motifs with modern and unusual elements, as well as pushing the boundaries of fine jewelry by combining precious materials with semi-precious ones. Gwen designs artful jewelry that reflects her passion for elegance.  She relies on a woman's desire to own jewelry that can be worn in any situation, daily and casual or black tie and extraordinary.
Each limited edition piece is individually hand-set in 14k gold or sterling silver with an impeccable attention to detail and finish.


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