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Large Stone Enamel Oval Locket
Large Stone Enamel Oval Locket
Large Stone Enamel Oval Locket
Large Stone Enamel Oval Locket
Large Stone Enamel Oval Locket
Heritage Jewelry NY

Large Stone Enamel Oval Locket

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Enamel is such a fun way of incorporating color into your jewelry wardrobe.  These large oval lockets are such a fun twist on a classic silhouette.

  • 14k yellow gold
  • Available in ivory enamel with peridot stone, black enamel with amethyst stone, neon green enamel with simulated blue topaz stone, hunter green enamel with simulated emerald stone, red enamel with simulated ruby stone, and blue enamel with simulated emerald stone
  • 24" 14k oval link chain
  • Locket measures 27mm x 21mm
  • By Heritage Jewelry NY
  • Please allow 1-6 weeks for delivery or inquire for immediate shipping availability 
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About the designer

Elizabeth Bonner and Lilly Weekes founded Heritage Jewelry in 2016 because they wanted to offer the Zodiac Max pendant as a beautifully designed piece of sentimental jewelry to their friends and family. The concept and ensuing variations took off and the line expanded into rings, bracelets and earrings. Every design is customizable and meant to impart a special meaning to the wearer. The key to Heritage Jewelry’s design aesthetic is a consistent focus on quality and wearability, day to night, season to season and year after year and even generation to generation. All pieces are handmade in New York City.


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